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We had the privilege of speaking with Jaimie Hilfiger, who has just launched her own beauty line with La Curcio. Thankfully, it has all the basics that you need and some absolutely gorgeous luxuries in there for when you’re feeling like you need a time out. 

The essentials we think you need are the LUXURY ULTRA MOIST LIP BALM ($37.00USD)and the handbag sized LUXURY HAND CREAM ($23.00USD). With top quality ingredients, we know the importance of investing in some high quality staple items. For a truly pampering treat splurge on the ULTRA DETOX MASQUE & HYDRATING BOOST ($67.00USD). And you can also get the LUXURY HYDRATING MIST, shown below:Photo from JaimieHilfiger.com

Photo from JaimieHilfiger.com

But anyway, enough of our recommendations. It’s time for us to ask Jaimie the questions that we all want to know the answers to.

What’s it like to live with a famous relative as you develop your own identify in the beauty world?
Since my first love has always been beauty over fashion, having a famous relative in the fashion world hasn’t affected my identity in the beauty world.  I’m very thankful to have established my name in the beauty industry all on my own.

What type of preconceived notions have you encountered as an entrepreneur because of your famous family?
Many people (even some of my own extended family members) think that my uncle helped me start my beauty line, but this is not the case. I met Jacki Curcio, Founder of La Curcio Beauty Collections, and we made an immediate connection.  The next thing I knew, we were creating The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection together and the rest is beauty history.

Why did you release a capsule skin care collection instead of an entire line?
First, I explored and compared leading prestige beauty products to find what I love and know to be the best. I expanded from there.

The concept was to introduce luxury essentials that everyone wants and should have at home – go-to products that complement their existing skin care routines. The La Curcio Beauty Collections is the brand that I personally use and completely believe in.

When you experience the results of both collections, it becomes a beautiful addiction.

It take a lot of guts to become an entrepreneur and launch your own beauty products.  What would you like to tell other budding female entrepreneurs?

If you’re thinking about going into business, start by asking yourself if you can do anything else.  If you can, do the other thing. And it’s okay to do the other thing.  But if your passion is so strong that your business is the only thing you can do, then, and only then, you should do it.
Because in order to accomplish your dream, it will probably come at the expense of just about everything else.  Your dream will become your mother and father, so you’d better love it just about more than anything else.

In order to be truly successful, you need two qualities.  You need the will and the way.  The will is the passion for your dream and the way is the muscle to get it done.

What’s your idea of Fierce? 
Know your own self-worth and don’t rely on the opinions of others.

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