Huffington Post Interview Jamie Hilfiger

By Jacki Curcio

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Huffington Post Interview: Jaimie Hilfiger

Flawlessly beautiful, celebrated model, and cosmetic enthusiast, Jamie Hilfiger has launched in collaboration with “La Curcio”, phase 2 of a skin care collection, which she adores and utilizes herself with overwhelming success, in conquering her own skin sensitivities.

Aside from the glamorous couture that the public beholds, and the fact that her uncle is the iconic fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, Jamie solos in a multitude of projects related to the fashion and entertainment industry, and although influenced by, is not defined by her family’s business. Often compared to Kim Kardashian, in the best way possible, Jamie carries the promise of becoming a television personality, as well as eventually starting her own fashion line.

I saw a picture of you, and whatever it is you’re selling I have to buy it right away! That’s really nice, thank you. So tell me about your new product. A year ago I partnered up with a skin care line that was already on the market called “La Curcio”. We partnered up together with a collection, that includes my name, and a few products that I wanted to bring to the market, because I just love the beauty world and products, and make up…I love that stuff. We launched phase 1 of the collection last year, and about 3 weeks ago we launched phase 2 of the collection. Now I have a total of 9 products. It’s out on the market, and they have my name on it, the packaging, the logo, and all that fun stuff. Which is your favorite? My favorite is actually part of phase 2 collection, and it’s a calming kit we’re calling it. The reason why it is my favorite is because I have very sensitive skin. Even my skin doctor has said to me that I have the most sensitive skin that he ever seen. My skin is so sensitive, even to the touch. I was telling my partner at La Curcio about all of the skin problems that I had, and she created a calming kit for me, that included a calming mask, and once you lift the mask, you apply a calming serum. It has chamomile and red tea. It works like no other! It immediately tones down redness, and it leaves your skin smooth when you don’t even have to put make up on. You can even sleep with the calming mask on, because it’s clear, and you’re asleep so it doesn’t matter anyway. A few weeks ago I ate some spicy food, and I woke up the next day and my skin really began to react. I texted the skin woman who has 40+ years of experience, in the beauty world, and she told me what to do. I basically just put my calming mask on, and then I patted the serum on, and it went down dramatically. I had an out-break on the right side of my face. I was freaking out, I wanted to sit in the dark. By that evening, I was completely fine. This kit works like nothing else. I’ve been to skin doctors that put me on oral pills, oral supplements, prescription creams, that was $420, prescription face washes, I’ve been through it all. I’ve tried everything, and nothing works like this kit. How much does that kit go for, price wise? The collection comes in small sizes so that you can travel with it. We’re selling the kit right now on the website for $67. The first time users will get the 20% off, we have promo codes, it’s not that bad it’s like regular skin care. That’s very fair. How would people be able to purchase this?They go on the website, which is: Besides your skin care line you want to model? Yes. I’ve been modeling since I’m about seven years old. I stopped for a while while I was in high school, because it was hard for my mom to take me all over. Once I went to college and had my own car I got back into the modeling world. After college I moved to Los Angeles, and it really took off after that. I love the photo shoot process of everything coming together. The complete story and the concept, I love what I do. Did you do any runway modeling? No I don’t do runway modeling, because I’m petite. I’m 5’ 4”, so I always knew I wasn’t runway model material. Also it wasn’t really the modeling that I wanted to do. A lot of times runway models are considered like canvases. You don’t really know their names, yes the pictures are in magazines, but not their names. I wanted to be more well-known, with the face, instead of just a blank canvas. Are there any new projects for products that you were working on? Right now the launch of phase 2 is really what I’m concentrating on. That’s going extremely well, it’s been pretty well received. I am working on another project, I’m in talks right now with a major production company for a reality show. There has also been a lot of talk about possibly putting me on a show that’s already happening, like a “Real Housewife” …. There’s a lot of talk about that kind of stuff. My first choice would obviously be a show created around my lifestyle. Eventually I don’t want to create my own fashion line as well. I have a lot of things that I want to do. We’ll see what happens.So right now you’re a model, and you have your own amazing product line…..I’m really proud of it. What made you decide to start a product line? Well, I’ve always been obsessed with the beauty world like I mentioned before. A lot of people don’t understand that because my last name is Hilfiger and I come from a fashion family, a lot of people think I’m going to go into fashion, but really fashion is my second love. I’ve always loved make up, and products and everything like that more. I was told that I had rosacea, which is like a redness. It looks like pimples. I was devastated, first of all because it would affect my career. At the same time this was happening, La Curcio has contacted my publicist, Lee, and offered to send me products to promote. I said, “ of course, that would be great’. I tried the signature collection, which is the typical lotions and creams, and I loved it. So I got to talking with the founder of the company, and I told them my concerns. She said that she would send me something that she makes, that’s not on the website, but they make them for very special clients. She sent them to me and I use them, they really worked. And then the founder asked me if I would like to have my own skin care line. That was my dream. Hopefully by the holiday we want to introduce a make up line with a variety of different products. It will definitely get Kylie Jenner a run for her money.

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